What kind of backdrop do you think should be used in photography?

How to Use Light to Change the Color of a White Backdrop? 読む What kind of backdrop do you think should be used in photography? 2 分 Happy Photography

There is no standard in the backdrop in photography.

According to different shooting theme needs and different personal hobbies, naturally choose different backdrop

The secret of the backdrops

If you are not a photographer, you will be surprised that such a photo actually uses a backdrop.

Scene construction is a cumbersome and uneconomical way, so they will use the patterned backdrop directly.

The backdrop of KateBackdrops is very good at this type, because their patterns are so realistic that many people think it is real.

When you want to save money and take photos with interactive photos (such as baby or kids photography), this backdrops is definitely the first choice.

What are the advantages of the backdrops?

There are many kinds of materials like this solid color backdrops.

  1. Fabric Backdrop

This is a very high frequency used in indoor photography. Its texture can bring out the classical sense, and the color can be determined by adjusting the distance between the model and the backdrop.

These are some of the works our customer made.


2.Hand painted Backdrop

However, there are not many good backdrops, especially those with poor quality. But in Backdrop Kate Hand painted, there are special backdrops that are hand-made. Everyone looks good and wants to buy them all, but the price is also more expensive than other types. Of course, it is worth it.