Happy Photography

I always have friends asking me why you like photography? My answer is that photography makes me feel happy! I found the fun I wanted in photography, expanded the "friend circle", enriched my life, and broadened my horizons. The motivation of photography is my positioning and concept of photography: happy photography, and just for happy!
Next, I will talk about my point of view.
  • Photography can expand our life circle

Sometimes, you will find it difficult to make new friends except for relatives and colleagues. But photography is different, photographers will explore new scenery together, appreciate and comment on photos, and Swap skills in photography techniques, collisions in ideas, communication on works, mutual inspiration, information exchange, common hobbies, and common topics. We are more likely to be friends.

Do you think these people are happy? It was many years ago that a group of our friends got up at 4 o'clock in the morning, drove dozens of kilometers to the beach, climbed from the steep rock to the beach, and returned to the parking lot to have a happy memory.

The photos I took were not very good, but the results were not so important compared to the joyful and happy process of the day.

  • Learn from each other and improve the level of photography

Two heads are always better than one.
Make friends with other photographers, and while learning about the "friend circle", learn from each other and learn new photography skills from each other. For example, when shooting flowers in the spring, most people use a large aperture to blur, but I learned a trick from my photographer friend: "play" water spray, in the process of "playing", not only avoiding the tedium of shooting the same thing but also in the process of "playing" found a different beauty.

  • Enjoy the beauty of nature from a photographic perspective

Many people like to travel, and more people just play around. Photography is different. From the perspective of photography, we can better appreciate and observe the scenery. The scenery we see is more beautiful. Scenery photography is hard. In order to get the picture you want, walked from dawn to night and feed on the wind and drink the dew, but when you take a picture of the morning sun or the morning fog like a fairyland, the moment of satisfaction It is beyond words.

When you are at the beach, the sea in front of you is surging, and the sea in the camera is gentle and graceful, at that moment, you will feel the beauty of life.

  • Let go of fame and fortune to enjoy the happiness of photography

Everyone's pursuit is different. Some people like to participate in competitions and get awards. It is understandable! However, if you simply pursue awards, awards, and awards, you will lose the joy of photography. Because, in order to compete, you will imitate the so-called classic composition of the "master", which limits the free play of your thinking. In order to win the prize, you have to cater to some "hidden rules" in the photography industry, which runs counter to the original intention of your photography.

  • Using photography to cultivate photography, making photography happy "sustainable development"

Of course, you and I are ordinary people, not a monopoly, and photography is a "burning money" industry. If you need money to buy equipment and go out to find beautiful scenery, what should you do? My approach is: Using photography to cultivate photography.
There are many ways, and it is a kind of participation in the photography competition. However, I just said that the competition is not always a wish, and the result may be even more unpleasant.

So, what else is there? My suggestion is to sign a contract to give photos taken by you to the company for sale. The result is the best of both worlds.

As for how to sign a company, you can contact katebackdrop and someone will talk to you about it.
What is your fun of photography? Do you have any good suggestions for using photography to cultivate photography?
You are welcome to share your views with you in the discussion forum.