What is the most important mistake to avoid when taking pictures?

Happy Photography 読む What is the most important mistake to avoid when taking pictures? 2 分 How to take great photos for kids?

Some newbie may make mistakes

1.No subject

Any photo is for others to see. If your photo is taken out and others don't know where to look, such a photo is undoubtedly a failure. Every photo should have a subject. If the subject is gone, it is a waste film.

2. Composition is not pay attention

Do not hold the screen too full, leaving a breathing space, even if the big close-up does not make the picture too complicated to give people a sense of discomfort; shooting standing people, towering trees, must not head to the edge

on the scene when shooting portraits. Don't cut off the top of your head or toes. One technique is to leave the joints of the human body, such as the knees, buttocks, shoulders, etc., otherwise there will be a chopping feeling.

In fact, the most important mistake is to take pictures without conceiving. There is also a misunderstanding that novices often have. “Equipment must buy the best”. but…. good equipment will not be used. For example, there has been a wave of hand-painted backdrop recently, and the newbie just choosing the normal backdrop from photography backdrops is still wonderful.

So... think more, take more pictures, learn more!