How to take great photos for kids?

As you get older, your friends and relatives start to show up with your children in your field of vision, and your friends' gatherings gradually become children's birthday parties. Perhaps you will be a parent or maybe a mother/father. I deeply understand that new life is always full of joy, but it is necessary to keep good memories with photos, especially those with children, which may require certain skills. This time, I will share with you the experience of taking a family photo. Children are not adults, you ask them to sit, they stand; call them to stand, they run. In other words, they are not controlled. So what should we do?
Here are some tips for children's photography.

  • Let the children relax and put their roles into

Don't talk to them in a standing position, you have to kneel down and talk to them. In this way, they will feel cordial and there is no sense of pressure on the adults. Discuss what they like best, such as toys and games, and let them know that you are a sister/brother who can play together.

  • Let parents participate in the photography process

Parental involvement is very important. Let parents hold them, laugh and sing with them, and run with them so that they don't care where the lens is, and their eyes don't just look at the lens. If you want to take a single photo, parents should not be too far away from the children, try to be behind the photographer. In this way, their eyes will not follow their parents. To take a good picture, only one photographer can take it. If several relatives and friends are holding cameras at the same time, children will not be able to concentrate and act naturally.

  • No need to put Pose on purpose

Don't try to make your ideal pose appear to your children! Most of the time, they will only give you a far-fetched smile and a "V" gesture, and then run away!  As long as you can catch their lovely expressions, sincere smiles, and lively movements, your photo will be good work! At this time, take out their toys and try to play with them. Don't tell them to look up and where to put their hands. Trust me! They don't listen to you. Children don't like listening to reason. Playing with them is the truth. Of course, as a professional photographer, some warm poses still need to be placed. So what you need are 200% patience and love.

  • Encouragement and praise

Children should be encouraged and praised! Although it's just taking pictures, it's still necessary to do this. After taking the photos, show them some pictures and tell them that they did a good job today: Look! This is your beautiful face. Many times, children over the age of five already have their photo requirements, some poses were taken by himself. It is an educational method to cultivate children's correct shooting attitude from childhood, whether they are photographed or self-portrait. Photography brings us a lot of fun, looking at the smiling faces in the photos, we will also very happy. 

Will the above points help you?