Blue Backdrop for Cutout an Image

When dealing with the photos taken, sometimes we need to cut the portrait out of the picture and put it in other pictures. What is the best backdrop to shoot people? I think it is a blue backdrop.

Backdrop selection: Microfiber

Advantages of using this material:

  1. Pure color, no motley.
  2. After professional treatment, there is no reflection (the surface has a layer of fluff)
  3. Not afraid of stains, a scrub is clean. Not afraid of creases. After receiving it, simply toss in the dryer with a damp cloth for 15-20 minutes. Lay flat or hang to cool. It can be leveled as before (can not be ironed at high temperature)
  4. The difference with other background paper: This material is the professional photography background cloth of the studio, with good color saturation, fine quality, soft and tough fabric, flocking on the surface, using this background cloth as the shooting background, with good light absorption effect, no will affect the true color of the person being photographed. Breaking through the traditional background paper is easy to break and wrinkle defects.

How to use

The blue cloth must be mopped so that the whole body is surrounded by a blue background, and the front blue cloth and the ground blue cloth should have a smooth transition, and the corner is made into a circular arc with a radius of 40 cm. Fit corners also reduce the light reflections between the blue screen and the blue screen on the human skin.

Lighting layout

Under the normal three-point lighting principle, there is one to ensure that the entire blue background is evenly distributed, and when the overall illumination of the broadcast area is not less than 2000lx, the lamps should be improved as much as possible for the shadow of the characters. Projected on the ground, the fixtures all use cold light sources, including spotlights. Since the ground is also covered with blue cloth, there will definitely be blue light reflected from the ground projected on the front of the character, which will reduce the effect of the color key, so a new layout light should be added.

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