Want to get a free backdrop from Kate backdrop? We offer a backdrop worth $50 for you free, which is completely free.

What you need to do:
1. You need to record a video of no less than 3 minutes for our products on the YouTube channel.
2. Show our products in the video, descriptions attached to our website links and product links.
3. Your video is watched by at least 500 people.
4. You mentioned us on Facebook and Instagram.

How to get this background?
1. Customers purchased at www.katebackdrop.com:
You only need to show us your YouTube videos about our products. After our review, you will receive a $50 discount coupon for any product on our website.
2. If you are a new customer at www.katebackdrop.com:
Please buy the backdrop you want first, once you meet these conditions, we will refund your money immediately (up to 50 dollars)

Please contact us with any question: business@katebackdrop.com