How to Make Photos Lively and Vivid?

Black and white portraits always make us feel very strong, the cohesiveness of the tone and the characteristics of the characters being taken are very clear. For portrait photography, it is the true creation that shows a certain combination between the photographer and the person being photographed.

For portraits, every part that appears in the picture should be well designed and processed, not just the eyes, so the whole picture is "lively."

In these photos, some hand postures are very tense, others are very life-oriented, very idle, the focus is on the strength of the hand to be associated with the eyes, thus reflecting the power of character, followed by the emotions of the characters, along with the expression of the character moves.

  • Compact close-up composition

The compact composition makes the focus of the picture highly concentrated, and the light-colored faces, hands and dark clothing and background form a strong, intuitive contrast. Through the "addition and subtraction", white and black form an appropriate relationship, so that the photographer's subjective consciousness is clearly expressed.

The large black tone highlights the emotions of the characters, making the characters distinct and prominent. Although the composition of the picture is very simple, the expression is in place.

  • Let people talk with their expressions

Portraits must rely on expressions, especially in a compact composition full of pictures, but also to capture the expression of the subject, forming a visual impact. In the close-up of portrait photography, the expression is the first one. This expression does not specifically refer to the eyes. What we see is a whole of the face of the person. Generally speaking, a certain point of the five senses will be more prominent.

All works: Photo by Patrick Xiong (New York)