How to Improve The Skills of Portrait Photography

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Photography is to record beautiful moments, record your life, and record family and friends. The essence of photography is recording, photography is the process of recording instants, and photographers are the ones who create that moment. The photographer not only created the photo but created the moment at the same time.

So how do you improve your photography skills?
Ansel. Adams said that there are only good photos and no good photo guidelines.

Many people will shoot the characters too dark, too bright, or the pictures taken are very poor. This is because we have not mastered the basic skills of the photo exposure "exposure triangle." Exposure to the iron triangle is the camera's "aperture, shutter, ISO" three functions are the basics of the creation of the film, after mastering these three, you can shoot the picture that you want to express.

Also, summed up the shooting taboos in the four portraits, I hope to help you reduce the possibility of mistakes in the portrait shooting process.
1. Avoid large backlights!
2. Avoid taking a full-length photo!
3. Avoid messy backgrounds!
4. Avoid inappropriate proportion of subjects!

As for how to learn portrait photography:
1. Look more.
Look carefully, see the composition, techniques used, character gestures, costumes, makeup, environment, picture themes or names, and more. Sometimes some movie screens can also be seen as a classic example of portrait photography.
2. Practice more.
You can imitate first. Then shoot according to your own questions. Landscape photography relies on a pair of eyes that discover the beauty of the scenery, a heart that loves life, and portrait photography may require more observation and feeling, and important, imagination.

In the next issue, we will briefly introduce some of the baby's shooting skills, so stay tuned!
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