5Tips for Making Your Backdrops Last Longer

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22 DEC,2019 | by yu Chen hao


The backdrop made of fabric is becoming mainstream in photography. In the current trend, for example, microfiber fabric backdrop is becoming extremely popular with newborn photographers and portrait photographers, owing to its wrinkle-Resistance, portability, durability and environmental protection. It can be regarded as another leading role in your photography works besides the subjects.


As a matter of fact, however, many beginners or families have no idea how to maintain a backdrop and dispose of it much sooner than needed. All microfiber backdrop needs are proper care and a backdrop can be reused for years with careful maintenance.


Here are 5 tips for making your backdrops last longer. They will help you use, maintain your backdrops properly in order to keep them from spoiling and extend their life.


  1. Regularly Clean Your Backdrops


We guess you have discovered smudges and dirt on your backdrops every time after using them. Considering the material is microfiber cloth, which is soft, washable safe, different from other materials, you shall wash your backdrops every 1--3 months (depends on your use frequency) to clean them.

No cleaning for a long time may cause stubborn stains or even mold on colored backdrops. Never use strong bleach on colored ones which may damage them.  By the way, please pay attention to the temperature when drying.


  1. Never Tread on Them with shoes


Unless there are requirements, you shall try to avoid walking on the backdrop with your shoes, when you use some large size backdrops like 6.5×10Ft or 10×20Ft. Ignoring this would be a mistake if you want your backdrops to last. If it is necessary for you and your assistants to walk on your backdrop, we strongly recommend removable shoe covers which can be reused, or purchase a Rubber Floor Mat to match with the backdrop.


  1. Stands and Clamps are Good Assistants (getting creases out


A microfiber fabric backdrop is foldable but should not be rolled up to store.  Rolling it up may do harm to the wrinkle-resistance of a backdrop and then its’ overall appearance. Never use scotch tape to fix the backdrop. A stand and clamps are the correct choices when you use your delicate backdrops, which can keep your backdrop smooth and prevent creases and dents on it. Also, you can choose a hand-held steamer, which is great for quick fixes during or before a shoot. Do not put the steamer directly on to the fabric as this may transfer the patterns. Filtered water is recommended when you use the steamer.


  1. Maintain Indoor Ventilation


No matter you use the backdrop in a photography booth or in your cozy house, we suggest that you can open ventilation facilities or windows before the work in order to prevent dust and mold growth. This is not only good for your health but also keeps the backdrops clean and tidy.


  1. Store Them in Clean and Dry Place


The microfiber fabric backdrops can not be folded and sealed for storage in a damp place. The bacterial growth in damp environments can completely destroy the fabric and the damage is irreversible.


With the above 5 tips, we are hoping to help you enjoy a better user experience.


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